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At Larson Davis, our products and services are constantly evolving. You'll find information relevant to your specific applications below, with links to more information on new products, downloads for the most up-to-date firmware, discontinuation notices, and upgrade opportunities. For detailed support documentation and resources for specific products, please visit our Support Portal.

As always, the Larson Davis Team is here to support you in your testing - you can reach us via or at 1.716.684.0001.

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• LD G4 Utility Update - V4.6.6

//  02 2022

Free software upgrade offers automatic file download and export run in the background, even when G4 is not running, requiring no user intervention. Also supports the use of the new Artificial Mastoid AMC493C. See Release History for details.


• DNA Software Update - V4.10.1.1

//  02 2022

This version of DNA Software is compatible with the services first made available in LD Utility G4 V4.6.5 that provide background download and export of instrument data.


• LD G4 Utility Update - V4.6.5

//  11 2021

Free software upgrade with firmware updates for Larson Davis meters. Includes improved file management and data visualization, addition of LAIeq metric to Live View and measurement reports for Spartan Noise Dosimeter, live 1/3 octave band data for HVM200, improved audio streaming protocol for SoundAdvisor, and more. See Release History for details.


• LD G4 Utility Update - V4.6.2

//  05 2021

Free software upgrade that offers the ability to sort data in G4 data by column and also integrates location visibility via Google Maps.


• LD G4 Utility Update - V4.6.0

//  03 2021

Free software upgrade includes support of FFT Analysis firmware for SoundAdvisors Sound Level Meter Model 831C.


• LD G4 Utility Update - V4.5.0

//  06 2020

Free software upgrade includes new project management options, searchable data files and improved file browsing, automatic data download, performance improvements, and much more.




• Scheduling Firmware - 831C-SCH

//  06 2020

Have a complex schedule? No problem. Get only the data you need, change trigger limits as needed, and alert just the right people when there is a problem using the optional 831C scheduler (831C-SCH).

Contact Our Technical Team for Details

• Sound Level Meter Model 831 Discontinued

//  05 2022

The Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Model 831 is being discontinued as of June 2022. Larson Davis will continue to support legacy 831 units in the field. SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter Model 831C offers all of the functionality of Model 831, plus powerful tools for connectivity and remote meter management and other upgrades.

More Information on SoundAdvisorMore Information on SoundAdvisor Model 831C Model 831C



• MSHA Approval for Intrinsically Safe Spartan Noise Dosimeter

//  02 2022

Effective immediately the 730IS is now MSHA approved for use in methane gas environments.

More Information on Spartan Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

• Intrinsically Safe Spartan Noise Dosimeter Released

//  07 2020

For customers taking worker noise dose measurements where intrinsic safety ratings are required, the Spartan Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter Model 730IS is now available. With all of the features of the Spartan Series, Spartan-IS provides completely wireless noise exposure measurements in hazardous areas such as petrochemical sites, chemical manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and other potentially hazardous locations where ATEX/IECEx (Ex ia I/IIC), UL 913 / CAN/CSA C22.2 (Class 1 Div 1), and FCC approvals are required.

More Information on Spartan Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

• HVM100 Discontinued

//  06 2020

The original Larson Davis Human Vibration Meter Model HVM100 is being discontinued as of June 30, 2020. Larson Davis will continue to support legacy HVM100 units in the field. We are also offering upgrade opportunites to migrate to the Human Vibration Meter Model HVM200 which offers connectivity and control via the LD Atlas mobile app. Contact the LD team for more information.

More information on HVM200



• Artificial Mastoid Released - AMC493C

//  03 2022

Larson Davis has released the new AMC493C artificial mastoid is a precision mechanical coupler used to calibrate bone conduction hearing aids and audiometer bone vibrators.

More Information on AMC493C


No updates at this time.



• Room Acoustics Upgrades for SoundAdvisorTM Sound Level Meter Released –Model 831C-RA

//  05 2022

Larson Davis has released optional Room Acoustics firmware for SoundAdvisor Model 831C, offering tools to evaluate reverberation time in compliance with the latest measurement standards for measurement of room acoustics, including ISO 3382-1, ISO 3382-2 and ASTM E2235-04. Results can be viewed on mobile devices with the LD Atlas app or in free G4 Utility software.

More information on SoundAdvisor with Room Acoustics