Noise Monitoring and Industrial Hygiene Applications

Environmental Noise | Occupational Noise & Vibration |Building Acoustics

  • Environmental noise monitoring

    Environmental Noise Monitoring

    Larson Davis provides a full range of noise monitoring solutions allowing our customers cost and performance flexibility. Our sound level meters and monitoring systems cover applications requiring attended, portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitoring.

  • Occupational noise evaluation industrial hygiene

    Occupational Noise Evaluation & Industrial Hygiene

    Larson Davis offers a complete suite of wireless noise dosimeters, human vibration meters, and workplace sound level meters to assess and manage noise and vibration exposure, including sensors, apps, and analysis software.

  • product testing

    Product Testing

    Portable noise and vibration data acquisition and software for testing products in the field, on the road, in the lab, or in a production environment.  Includes recording time history data, sound files (.wav),  FFT analysis, tonality metrics, acoustic mapping and more. 

  • Building acoustics measurements

    Building Acoustics

    Larson Davis offers the sound source equipment, the sound level meters to record the source and receiver locations, and the software to calculate and report important metrics. 

  • Person completing an audiometry exam with headphones on

    Audiometer Calibration

    A completely portable system, the Audiometer Calibration System, Model AudCal, verifies audiometer measurements (per ANSI S3.6-2010 and IEC 60645-2017) and noise in audiometric test rooms (per ANSI S3.1-1999 R2008). Model AudCal allows you to calibrate any audiometer and offers an easy-to-use app and web based interface.

  • Close up of light on top of police car with police men and women in background

    Noise Enforcement

    Responding to noise complaints and enforcing local ordinances can be hard enough, given the emotionally charged nature of the complaint. Getting objective measurements on-the-spot, with a simple-to-use, sound level meter, makes the job easier.