Helping Football Fans Make Some Noise

Larson Davis Helps Solidify the Home Field Advantage

Though most of our customers are using sound meters to comply with noise limits, Larson Davis is helping football teams use our products to make some noise! In recent years, there has been fierce competition to be the loudest NFL stadium in the United States - allowing passionate fans to help create a home-field advantage. Larson Davis was there the first time the Kansas City Chiefs set the record for crowd noise of 137.5 dB at Arrowhead Stadium on October 13, 2013, and again on September 29, 2014, as our meters measured the Kansas City Chiefs' crowd generating 142.2 dB of noise. That night, the Chiefs successfully took the title of loudest stadium back from the Seattle Seahawks.[1]

Teams are always looking for ways to improve the fan experience and to encourage spectators to feel like part of the game. Using noise to involve the crowd creates an emotional connection that drives engagement. In addition, recent history has shown that teams with a loud home stadium have a distinct competitive advantage. To those ends, an ever-expanding list of teams are leveraging the power of Larson Davis'  SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C for Stadium Noise Monitoring to rally their fans.

Because the system integrates seamlessly with scoreboards, teams have the flexibility to display the noise data in any way they choose. Sound files and noise levels versus time can also be saved for studies on marketing and fan engagement. Larson Davis' products can easily keep up with the fast sampling rate required and measure the extremely high level of noise that a rowdy football crowd can produce.

Though using our meters to help create more noise may seem unconventional to those who use our systems in other applications, we at Larson Davis are proud to be working with teams on these creative and exciting projects. Learn more about crowd noise monitoring systems from Larson Davis.

[1] Kansas City Chiefs Break Seahawks' Loudest Stadium Record, By SI Wire,