Mobilize Your Fans with Stadium Noise Monitoring

Accurate Real-Time Noise Monitoring System

Stadium noise monitoringAs venues continue to compete with the ever improving home viewing experience, providing fans with feedback about real stadium noise levels has many benefits:

  • Ensure Fan Engagement – Fans want to be part of the game. A powerful fan experience is essential to pulling spectators away from their home viewing options and to the game itself. Using noise to involve the crowd creates an emotional connection that drives engagement and sales.
  • Drive the Crowd Noise – Accurate scoreboard displays allow direct control of when fans get louder - for example, cheering for the home team’s defense on a 3rd down - or get quieter - to allow the home team’s offense to communicate before a play. Help drive the participation you’re looking for with real-time noise levels displayed in a fresh way.
  • Deliver on the Home Field Advantage – Recent history has shown that teams with a loud home stadium have a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Sponsored Displays – By presenting real data, the levels can be displayed more often and more confidently. This provides more revenue options from sponsors.
  • Protect the Integrity of the Game – Don’t mislead fans with fake meters. Show real measurements. Today’s tech-savvy fans expect it!
  • Create Marketing that Works – Marketing campaigns driven by stadium noise levels are powerful. Study crowd reaction to game events and sponsored activities.

What Capability Does Larson Davis Offer?

Larson Davis’ reliable and accurate measurement equipment communicates noise level in real-time to the scoreboard through your control room. Our noise meters are designed to easily integrate into existing scoreboard systems. We provide the data in real-time and make it available to your scoreboard graphics team in various formats so you have complete control over the graphics and use of the data. These meters can be mounted in secure enclosures, and the microphones can be extended on permanently mounted poles with complete weather protection.

Read about a successful football stadium deployment.


Why Select Larson Davis and the SoundAdvisor™ as Your Stadium Noise Solution?

  • We provide reliable, durable, equipment made in the USA and powered by a PCB Class 1 microphone capable of measuring noise levels as high as 143 dB
  • Our equipment is designed for wireless data communication and system integration. We can communicate in in 3 formats: HTML, XML, and ASCII.
  • We offer world-class 24-hour technical support before and after installation and have experience working with venues and scoreboard OEMs
  • We have proven this capability at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs set the Guinness World Record for Outdoor Stadium Noise[1]. Our systems are permanently installed in other stadiums across the country to seamlessly display real-time noise levels during all home games.
  • Our devices can record and store .wav files of the event or log the noise level versus time for the event
  • We include a custom application to run on your computer and stream the noise levels across your network to your graphics program. Users can set refresh/sample rate, output measurement parameter, output file, and more, for seamless set up and data communication.

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