Sound Recording for Noise Measurements

Sound Level Meter with Sound Recording | Model 831C-SR

LD-831C-SR-person-wearing-headphonesMeasuring sound levels is a well-accepted way to objectively quantify the noise radiated by a product in an environmental survey. But a sound pressure level or octave data only provides part of the overall acoustic picture. How many times were you asked “are you sure that the spike in the data is the noise of the product or the actual environmental event of interest?” Rather than rely simply on the numbers, why not record a sample of the sound to truly determine the source of the noise?


  • Audio recording of events with 831C-ELA
  • Audio recording of measurement history with 831C-ELA
  • Audio recording with Marker
  • 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 24 kHz and 48 kHz sample rates
  • Reccords in .wav format or with .ogg compression to reduce file size
  • Listen live via G4 LD Utility Software or LD Atlas Mobile App
  • Calibrated recordings available for post-processing


  • Noise source identification
  • Periodic noise sampling

The SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meter Model 831C with optional  831C-SR firmware allows you to make high fidelity recordings at up to 48 kHz sampling with your SoundAdvisor. Recordings are triggered either manually or automatically based on an array of triggering options.

Standard 831C-SR Features

  • Manual Sound Recording - User controlled recording duration, acquired during operation, up to 48 kHz resolution.
  • Marker Based Sound Recording - User initiated with user defined duration, acquired during operation, up to 48 kHz resolution.
  • Logic Input (Button) Recording – User-initiated recording with a button push or other logic level input. The 831C will record for a predetermined period of time.

Automatic Recording Mode with 831C-ELA

When the 831C-SR option is combined with other advanced logging functionality, sound recordings can be triggered based on a user-defined measurement events. This allows the user to only record sounds associated with specific noises as they occur rather than recording many hours of data and having to ‘find’ these events after the fact.  Included G4 LD Utility software allows audio playback from a graph of the data.

  • Event History Sound Recordings - Acquired upon events meeting preset conditions with fixed or dynamic triggering available.
  • Measurement History Sound Recordings - Automated sound recording at the beginning of each Measurement History.

Play sound recordings from the data graph with G4 LD Utility Software

831C-SR Specifications
Sound Recording Parameters
Data FormatMono wave file (.wav) or compressed (.ogg)
Listening OptionsOn Model 831C using USB headset with Utility program, DNA, or using standard wave file player
Sample Rate8, 16, 24, ,48, or 51.2 ksps
Storage Requirement1 MB/min at 8 ksps to 6 MB/min at 48 ksps for .wav file
Sound Recording Modes Manual, coupled to marker, at measurement interval start, or upon event
PretriggerVariable depending upon sample rate; up to 60 s
DurationMax 9999 s
Sound StreamingStreaming to host