Software | Models 831 and LxT Sound Level Meters

For Reporting, Analysis, and Custom Integration

Our Model 831 and LxT Sound Level Meters have numerous on board capabilities, but sometimes you may have a need for further processing, visualization and/or reporting. Check out our new suite of software products that allow you to use the Model 831 and LxT Sound Level Meters for reporting, analysis or custom integration.

  • LD G4 Software

    G4 LD Utility Software

    With G4, connect, control, download, and view data from multiple devices simultaneously. Organize files and meters by project. View data, generate reports, and easily export in Excel® format for further data analysis. Examine graphs of multiple parameters and heat maps of octave band data. G4 is compatible with Models 831C, 831, LxT, HVM200, 730, 730-IS.

  • DNA acoustic vibration measurement software

    Data Navigation and Analysis Software (DNA)

    DNA can be used to display and control measurement data on a PC in real time, while maintaining access to all of the instrument measurement and analysis functions it is interfacing with. DNA is an excellent choice for writing custom reports and performing data analysis.

  • LD Sound Level Meter Software Development Kit

    Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Write your own applications with the new Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides all the tools you need to communicate with and control your sound level meter.