Cleaning and Sanitizing Sound and Vibration Equipment

How to Sanitize Larson Davis Devices

At Larson Davis, we understand it's more important than ever to keep your workplace pathogen-free. Keeping our devices clean and safe is easy and takes just a few extra seconds after use. Simply wipe with a disinfecting wipe that does not contain alcohol or bleach and let dry. This cleaning method prevents possible damage to your meter or mic from rogue spray. Do not spray disinfectant directly onto meters/mics. Do not use isopropyl alcohol or bleach.

When cleaning the microphone, take care not to damage the very thin diaphragm under the grid cap. Do not remove the microphone's grid cap, and avoid spraying or blowing air into the grid cap. For soft surfaces such as windscreens and foam inside carrying cases, spray with a non-bleach disinfectant spray and let dry.

Never use bleach or isopropyl alcohol to clean a Larson Davis device.