Environmental Noise Monitoring Scheduler

Remotely Schedule Sound Level Meter Tasks | Model 831C-SCH

Environmental Noise Monitoring may only be required during specific time periods or on certain days. Allowable noise levels may change from day to day. Project oversight may shift from one person to another on a set or variable schedule. Optional Firmware 831C-SCH for SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Systems offers a simple way for users to schedule various meter tasks to meet their specific needs.

  • Send targeted alerts - schedule when alerts are sent and who receives them
  • Measure only when necessary to avoid unwanted data
  • Meet varying requirements with automatic noise limit changes
  • Manage schedule remotely with a simple user interface
  • Extend battery run time by reducing power consumption

With the graphical interface in G4 LD Utility software, easily configure SoundAdvisor to measure and report only what you need, even when those needs change.


Figure 1: An example of a schedule with daily Run/Save times, two different alert recipients on weekdays, three different alert levels, a special weekend schedule, and the modem "waking up from" low power consumption mode every weekday evening.

Additional firmware is required to schedule certain functions as shown below:

Meter Run/Stop TimesModem Power ModeTrigger LevelsAlert Recipient
(ordered in conjunction with 831C-SCH as 831C-ELX)
(ordered in conjunction with 831C-SCH as 831C-ELX)


  • Environmental Noise Monitoring
  • Construction Noise Monitoring
  • Community Noise Monitoring
  • Traffic Noise Monitoring
  • Rail Noise Monitoring