Headphone and Earbud Test Fixture

Headphone Development Testing | Model AEC206

AEC206 headphone earbud test fixture for development testingThe Larson Davis  Binaural Headphone Test Fixture Model AEC206 is the tool for testing supra-aural, circumaural, supra-concha, intraconcha, and insert-type headphones. Preassembled with IEC 60318-4 (711) occluded-ear simulators and TEDS compatible preamplifiers that provide electronic calibration information, the Model AEC206 is user-friendly and easy to learn. Additionally, calibration is a simple process-a custom adapter is included for the Model CAL250 acoustic calibrator or similar device.

Whether performing quality assurance testing of headphones on an assembly line or using it in the lab for R&D, Model AEC206 is an excellent choice. Backed by our highly respected customer support and commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction, you can feel confident testing with the Larson Davis Model AEC206.

AEC206 Case and Components


  • Ships pre-assembled and ready-to-use in a rugged case
  • IEC 60318-4 (711) occluded ear simulators with microphones
  • Includes ICPr (IEPE) preamplifiers with TEDS
  • Includes 4 pinnae (2 left and 2 right)
  • Backed by Larson Davis' Total Customer Satisfaction


  • In-ear / on-ear headphone testing
  • Production quality assurance
  • Ear muff testing
  • Headphone R&D


Height14.9 in37.8 cm
Width7.9 in20 cm
Cable Length5 ft1.5 m
Electrical ConnectorBNC
Test Fixture Only21 lb9.5 kg
Case and All Components41 lb18.3 kg
Operating Temperature (Electronics)-40 °F to 158 °F-40 °C to 70 °C
Operating Humidity0% to 90% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Excitation Voltage20 VDC to 32 VDC
Constant Current Excitation2 mA to 20 mA
Output Bias Voltage10 VDC to 14 VDC
Impedance (Output)< 50 Ohm
Output Voltage± 8 V
TEDS CompliantYes
Included Components
SAEC206.01Mounting Fixture
AEC304IEC 60318-4 Occluded Ear Simulator (Qty 2)
426M11Short ½" Preamplifier with TEDS and ICP Output (Qty 2)
AEC206-RINGRing Plate for Securing Pinnae (Qty 2)
AEC-LOO35Left Pinna, Shore OO-35 Hardness
AEC-ROO35Right Pinna, Shore OO-35 Hardness
AEC-LA25Left Pinna, Shore A-25 Hardness
AEC-RA25Right Pinna, Shore A-25 Hardness
CCS050Rigid Case with Foam for Transport and Storage
ADP105Calibration Adaptor for CAL250
AEC206-SPARETool Kit for Assembly and Disassembly
CER-AEC340Calibration Certificate for AEC304 Compliant with ISO 17025 (Qty 2)
CER-PREAMPCalibration Certificate for 426M11 Compliant with ISO 17025 (Qty 2)
ISO 4869-3:2007 for measurement of insertion loss
IEC 60318-4:2010 occluded-ear simulators (AEC304)



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