Frequently Asked Questions

About Larson Davis Sound and Vibration Products

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  • What operating system will run my Larson Davis software?

  • If my 824 shows Analog Cal Bad, how do I restore the Analog Cal values?

  • How can I temporarily disable purchased options on my 831 or LxT?

  • How do I install Blaze Software and Infrared Interface Drivers?

  • How do I use the Vaisala WXT520 with the Model 831?

  • How do I get my Larson Davis product calibrated?

  • How do I prevent trouble in the field when using Spark dosimeters?

  • What are the basics for setting up the Model 831 Dynamic Trigger?

  • How do I access the extra signals on a Model 831 without 831-INT Docking Station?

  • How do I calibrate a Model 831 or LxT that has a 1/4" microphone?

  • How do I Install new firmware and/or options on Model 831, SoundTrack LxT®, SoundExpert LXT and 831-INT-ET?

  • What precautions should I take when using external DC power with my sound level meter?

  • How do I setup Sierra Wireless LS300 for sending SMS with NoiseTutor?

  • How does QC Tonality work and what are “Corrected dBA”?

  • How do I install firmware options into an HVM100?

  • What does the communications watchdog in the 831-INT-ET do?

  • How do you use the Model 831 with the 378A04 microphone & preamplifier to measure low level noise?

  • How do I use the Reference Curve Editor in DNA?

  • How do I connect to a 831-INT-ET with wired Ethernet?

  • What is the difference between the 831-INT and 831-INT-ET?