Headphone Testing

Research & Development and Production Line Testing for Quality Assurance

  • AEC206 headphone earbud test fixture for development testing

    Headphone Testing for Research and Development

    Model AEC206

    When designing and developing headphones, modeling the effects of sound on the human ear is an important consideration. Rely on the accuracy of your testing device and predictive models like the Harman Curve to design headphones well-suited to listener preferences. Dual occluded ear simulators and replaceable pinnae features allow developers to simulate the acoustic load on the human ear for all types of headphones.

  • AEC210 headphone production test fixture

    Headphone Testing for Quality Assurance and Production Line

    Model AEC210

    When producing headphones, quality assurance testing is important. For production line headphone testing, you need to know a headphone produces an expected output, and testing exactly the same way every time is critical. A configurable headphone text fixture with included ICP® microphones and positioning tools, plus the capability to add an artificial mouth or other external speakers to a mounting platform provides these consistent measurements.