Human Vibration Exposure

Measuring Human Vibration for Comfort and Risk Assessment

It has been determined that exposure to prolonged, repeated vibration can cause negative health affects.  Exposure to vibration can come in two ways; first through the hand and second vibration of the whole body.

  • Hand arm human vibration measurements

    Hand-Arm Vibration

    Harmful vibration of hands and arms from repetitive and prolonged use of hand tools which can lead to injury such as Reynaud's disease.

  • Whole body human vibration measurements

    Whole-Body Vibration

    Potentially damaging vibration of the whole body from standing on vibrating platforms or sitting on moving seats for example.

  • Person riding on a motorcycle

    Ride Comfort

    Many measures of ride comfort rely upon the metrics for whole body vibration defined in ISO 2631.  Since the HVM200 fully supports ISO 2631 it can be used as to simply and effectively measure ride comfort outside of the engineering lab.