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Spartan Series of Occupational Noise Measurement Tools

LD-IH-730-application-1Workplace Noise Assessment doesn’t have to be harder than the other tasks you take on as an Occupational Safety Professional. Larson Davis is your partner in Occupational Noise assessment, offering the Spartan Series of Workplace Noise Meters to streamline your measurements. We’ve gathered our most popular resources here to help guide you through the process. Still have questions? Get in touch with us, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help.

Do We Have a Problem with Workplace Noise?
Strategies and tools for determining if workplace noise level is dangerous | Article

Noise Dosimetry Terminology
Occupational noise measurement glossary to help explain common worker noise dose metrics | Glossary

Acoustic Terminology
Having trouble understanding the terminology relating to sound measurement? Use the glossary of acoustic terminology for Sound Level Meter users to learn more about weightings and the various ways to measure and report on sound levels. | Glossary

How to Choose a Personal Noise Dosimeter
Dosimeters range widely in quality and features available. Learn what to look for to select the best dosimeter for your needs | Article

Understanding Occupational Noise Exposure
Tips for better occupational noise measurement – from OSHA standards to taking better data | Video

Occupational Noise Surveys
Know your levels to help avoid noise induced hearing loss. Tips and resources for creating sound maps of your facility. | Article

Motion in Noise Dosimetry
A Tech Talk on how built-in motion detection can identify tampering in worker noise dose measurements and ensure quality results | Video

Audio in Noise Dosimetry
A Tech Talk covering personal noise dosimetry topics from identifying noise sources using audio recordings to viewing results on a time history graph to mitigation plans | Video

Update Spartan Noise Dosimeter Firmware
Learn how to update the firmware on Spartan Noise Dosimeters without returning to the factory using G4 LD Utility Software | Video

Noise Dosimetry Audio Recording Settings
What’s that loud noise? Learn how to take noise dose measurements that include short audio recordings for noise source identification | Article

Measuring Marching Band Noise
Our team was curious: Are the members of a marching band at risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure? Spartan Noise Dosimeters helped answer the question. | User Case