Using Noise Compliance Measurements to Plan Noise Controls

Free Tools to Simplify Scenario Analysis for Noise Controls

LD-IH-730-application-1In order to reliably protect employee health, hearing conservation programs should have two parts: effective strategies for measuring noise within a facility and noise control measures that reliably reduce employee noise exposure. When faced with measurement results that indicate employees are experiencing unhealthy noise dose, how should the safety professional proceed?

The three strategies for noise control are administrative controls, engineering controls, and Personal Protective Equipment. Each strategy comes with costs and benefits, so how can a safety professional decide which is the best option for their unique situation?

Advances in software analysis tools make it possible to “try out” the options before actually making the changes to see which one might be the best fit. Take a look at this recent article from Industrial Hygiene in the Workplace to learn more. Larson Davis’ G4 LD Utility Software is included with every LD meter purchase, giving our users access to these powerful planning tools.