SoundAdvisor™ Portable Noise Monitoring System

Rugged Outdoor Noise Monitoring | Model NMS044

NMS044 portable outdoor noise monitoring system

Larson Davis has created a new standard for portable noise monitoring by making the SoundAdvisor Portable System Model NMS044 completely wireless with solar charging and 4G wireless while keeping it truly portable. The SoundAdvisor Noise Monitor System includes everything needed for a noise monitor (powered by  SoundAdvisor Model 831C Class 1 sound level meter) that can run indefinitely while remaining connected to the Internet making your meter and your data always readily available.


  • Remote noise monitoring
  • Environmental noise compliance
  • Airport noise management
  • Continuous and event sound recordings
  • Networked noise level display

Remote Access to Data

  • Network Access 24/7 - Login from your computer, your smartphone or other mobile device to engage directly with the meter at your remote location. Make updates, receive alerts, change test parameters, check microphone calibration, and download data with ease.
  • Complete Power Solutions - With a low power requirement (831C ~1.2 W / 831C + Cellular gateway ~3.5 W) options are available to power the remote unit via solar power, keeping your measurements running indefinitely and sustainably
  • Real-Time Alerts - Receive email or texts with data and sound recordings when set noise limits are exceeded. Allows quick response to compliance concerns and listening to sounds for source identification
  • Own Your Data - Control your data without monthly access and maintenance costs

Powering the SoundAdvisor Model NMS044

The SoundAdvisor Portable System is offered with a choice of a traditional lead acid (SLA) battery or a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) battery. LiFePo batteries recognize a significant improvement over Lithium ion technology, offering extended life of over 2500 recharge cycles and safer automation. The LiFePo battery provides high capacity at half the weight of a comparable SLA battery with a longer life and great low temperature performance.

The SoundAdvisor Kit can be configured with a portable 100 watt solar panel. For situations in which an external power supply is readily available, the SoundAdvisor Kit can be configured without a solar panel or battery. Note that although the NMS044 can be run on line power, the user must supply a battery for proper operation.

Available Configurations

NMS0440KIT1No battery or solar panel included; available in North America only

Power Configurations

BAT019LiFePo Battery45 Ah12.8 lb (5.8 kg)~2500 charge cycles
BAT020Lead-acid Battery35 Ah24.7 lb (11.2 kg)3 - 5 years
SLP002Solar Panel100 W24 lb (11 kg)insolation > 1 kW•h/m2/day


SoundAdvisor Quickstart Videos