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Is Your Workplace as Loud as a 200-Member Marching Band?

Larson Davis’ Noise Dosimeters are typically used in industrial environments and other workplaces, but where else can noise be dangerous? We’ve all seen a marching band, whether in a parade or at a high school football game. Our team was curious: are the members of the band at risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure? A local high school band director was game to help us find out! In the process, we learned a lot about the practical deployment of our Spartan Noise Dosimeter.

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Marching Band Percussion Section

Tip of the Quarter
Do you know how easy it is to field calibrate the Spartan Noise Dosimeter Model 730? When a calibrator is placed over the microphone and turned on, the meter recognizes the steady 1 kHz, 114 dB signal and begins calibration automatically. One click accepts the results and you’re ready to begin your measurement.
Need to do a post-survey calibration? Repeat the procedure at the end of your test and see both the as-found and as-left data on your report.

Industrial Hygiene Seminar in
Ogden, UT – March 5
Join Larson Davis and Noise and Vibration Expert Ken Cox for a low-cost, hands-on workshop to learn best practices in measuring and understanding workplace noise and vibration. The day includes both classroom instruction and breakout lab sessions to provide attendees with a technical and practical understanding of the tools and techniques needed for workplace noise and vibration assessments. Practice using Human Vibration Meters, Sound Level Meters, and Noise Dosimeters in real-life scenarios.

Workplace Noise and Vibration

  • Basics of noise and vibration terminology
  • The role of noise and vibration in occupational health
  • Standards and regulations
  • Best measurement practices
  • Interpreting data
  • Understanding noise and vibration mitigation

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Product of the Year?

Larson Davis is offering a limited-time program to help you upgrade your dosimeters! Trade in an old dosimeter for a 10% discount on the Spartan Model 730, plus receive a free octave band or sound recording upgrade.

Learn more about the Spartan Trade-In Program

Dosimeter Trade-In Program
Upgrade Your Human Vibration Game

Own an HVM100 Human Vibration Meter? The HVM100 has been a workhorse. After more than a decade of delivering trusted performance and ruggedness it is being discontinued as of June 2020. Larson Davis will continue to support existing systems with service and calibration.

Want to upgrade to the latest Human Vibration Meter? Larson Davis is now offering a 25% trade-up discount on the HVM200. Trade in any Class 1 Human Vibration Meter (even a competitive model) to experience the benefits the HVM200 has to offer. Control and view data directly from your phone with the intuitive LD Atlas app, and make ISO-compliant hand-arm, whole body, and general vibration measurements with ease.



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