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A New FFT Sound and Vibration Analyzer
FFT Analysis is useful for uncovering sound and vibration issues in machinery and systems. Did you know that SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meter Model 831C can now be used as an FFT sound and vibration analyzer?

Simply connect a microphone or any single-axis ICP® accelerometer and view results on your mobile device via the LD Atlas™ app or on PC with G4 LD Utility Software. SoundAdvisor coupled with Model 831C-FFT Firmware offers:

  • Hand-held, single channel FFT measurements
  • In-field tone detection and assessment
  • Noise source identification
  • Harmonic Analysis: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD and THD+n)

Learn more about FFT firmware – including how to upgrade your current meter without returning it to the factory!

SoundAdvisor 831C with FFT Overall View Screen
Exploring Sound in the Classroom
Who knew a Kindergarten class could be developing the next generation of acousticians? Prior to the COVID pandemic, our team visited a local class engaged in studying sound and developing their own sound booths to make better audio recordings in the classroom.

While we taught the students about the science of sound and sound level meters, we learned about the common problem of background noise in older school buildings. To mitigate these issues in new facilities, construction of classrooms should be guided by the ANSI S12.60-2002 standard. The standard states that background noise levels should be no higher than 35 dBA.

Kindergarten class learning about sound level meters

A thank you to Mrs. Jones and
her curious students!

Reverberation Time must also be considered: under the standard, maximum allowable Reverberation Time for a classroom under 10,000 cubic feet is 0.6 s. For any classroom between 10,000 and 20,000 cubic feet, Reverberation Time should be less than 0.7 s.
Learn more about the ANSI Standards for Classrooms
From Battery Power to 24/7 Remote Access
Outdoor Noise Monitoring Options
Outdoor noise monitoring projects can range from quick, handheld measurements to long-term installations requiring remote access, custom notifications, and more. Monitoring solutions from Larson Davis offer the flexibility of basic, battery powered systems designed for up to two weeks in the field as well as solar powered systems delivering 24/7 access to data over a prolonged period.

Need to make measurements, but don’t need the equipment long-term? Consider renting Larson Davis Outdoor Noise Monitoring Systems from our sister company, The Modal Shop.

Portable Noise Monitoring System Model NMS044 at construction site
SoundLink Software Service: Access Data Anywhere

Securely access sound measurement data from anywhere, without a static IP SIM, using our new SoundLink Software Service. Larson Davis serves a global market and now has improved our communication, cloud data storage, and performance in locations where a dynamic SIM is required.

SoundLink Software on a Laptop

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