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Year-End Meter Mania!

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Dry Your Hands, Harm Your Ears?
Have you heard about the smart young scientist taking the issue of noise into her own hands? After experiencing discomfort from the loud noise of hand dryers in public restrooms, then 9-year-old Nora Louise Keegan used a sound level meter placed at the height of a child’s ear to measure hand dryer noise. It probably comes as no surprise that the level was often dangerously high.

Keegan wrote a scientific paper, published in Paediatrics & Child Health, to share her results. Keegan is on to something: researchers concerned with public health are developing an understanding of the many risks of exposure to too much noise, and it’s not just hearing loss! Risks include fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Larson Davis’ Class 1 Sound Level Meters provide the most accurate and repeatable results available for noise studies by scientists of all ages.

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Do You Have the Latest Software?
It pays to check for software updates! Recently released is G4 LD Utility, version 4.07. Most notably, this release offers not only bug fixes, but also enhancements to file storage, measurement history alerts, and system health alerts for Model 831C Sound Level Meters
  • Daily file autostore upgraded to allow storage of files every 1, 2, or 5 minutes
  • Naming conventions improved in continuous run mode
  • Trigger options expanded for measurement history alerts
  • Dropbox™ and email delivery reliability improved
  • Meter health alerts for run state changes enabled
G4 LD Utility Software
Remember, the latest version of G4 is always available for download at no cost to users. We’re continually working to improve the user experience: take a look at the transition guide that appears when you open G4 to introduce the new design.
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